Overview Materials

Learn about the basic purpose, workflow, and Android versus iOS capabilities of MyCap. This overview also includes basic steps to get started with MyCap.

MyCap Overview Video (~55 mins)

User Guide

Gain in-depth tips and tricks for when to use MyCap and how to customize it to meet your unique project needs. This user guide includes instructions on utilizing MyCap’s many capabilities such as setting up active tasks, adding participants, preserving the security of your data, and more.

MyCap Getting Started Quick Guide

Use this guide to walk you through establishing your MyCap Project – from creating the project in REDCap to tailoring your task/survey schedule, project themes, and adding participants.

QR Code Quick Guide

Every participant requires a unique QR code before they can join a MyCap project. There are three distinct methods for generating and disseminating this code. This quick guide showcases these strategies and information on code usage.

MyCap Decision Tree

Are you interested in using MyCap for a project? Use the attached decision tree to help determine whether MyCap or another REDCap platform would be well-suited for your project.

How to Customize Your Project Quick Guide

Learn about all of the ways you can customize your MyCap project from custom themes to info pages and more.