Mobilizing the Participant Voice

Mobilizing the Participant Voice

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Customize the MyCap app interface to fit the specific needs for your research project using our web-based manager. Features:

  • add project participants
  • create tasks/surveys using REDCap
  • create active tasks
  • schedule when and how often tasks should appear
  • send secure messages to individual participants
  • send announcements to all participants
  • create information screens
  • create a custom theme

Participant data is synchronized to your REDCap project. Available to any institution or organization using REDCap.



If you are participating in a research project that uses MyCap:

  1. Install the app
  2. Open the app and tap the Join Project button
  3. Scan the QR code that your project coordinator provided

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MyCap protects participant data by requiring a 6-digit passcode to unlock the app. Data are stored in an encrypted database on the device.


Send announcements to all project participants or a message to an individual participant.


Flexible scheduling for one-time tasks, repeating tasks, and permanent tasks.


Synchronized to the researcher's REDCap project.

Custom Themes

Create a custom look for your project. Choose images and a color scheme.

Multi-project Support

Participants can switch between projects if they are participating in multiple projects.


Try out one or more of our demonstration projects. Data collected by these demonstration projects are not analyzed and will be deleted periodically.

MyCap demo 1 logo

Demo 1 - Basic Functionality

Explore basic tasks and the MyCap interface.

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MyCap demo 2 logo

Demo 2 - Active Tasks

Active tasks use sensor information to capture data. Most active tasks are only available on iOS devices. We recommend an iPhone or iPad for this demo.

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MyCap demo 3 logo

Demo 3 - Scheduling

Learn about baseline date vs installation date. One time tasks, infinitely repeating tasks, fixed schedule tasks, and repeating tasks.

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MyCap leverages REDCap, ResearchKit, and ResearchStack to capture participant/patient reported outcomes via mobile devices. REDCap is used to define tasks/instruments/surveys to be completed by participants. MyCap translates REDCap task metadata into a structure compatible with ResearchKit and ResearchStack. When a project participant completes a task, MyCap converts the results into a format compatible with REDCap before synchronizing back to the REDCap project.