MyCap Decision Tree

Are you interested in using MyCap for a project? Use the MyCap Decision Tree to help determine whether MyCap or another REDCap platform would be well-suited for you.

MyCap Publication

MyCap: a flexible and configurable platform for mobilizing the participant voice provides an overview of the MyCap platform, our development process, utilization metrics, and use case summaries from a range of institutions. Click below to read the paper and make sure to cite us if you are writing up your use case!

MyCap Resources for Participants

Consider sharing the MyCap Participant Guide (or MyCap Classic Participant Guide) with your participants to help orient them to the appropriate MyCap app. Participants will learn what MyCap is, how to join your project via QR code or dynamic link, and how to navigate the app.

MyCap Overview Materials

MyCap One-Pager – Read about MyCap’s core features, when to use MyCap, and former MyCap use cases.

MyCap Overview Slides – Learn about the basic purpose, workflow, and Android versus iOS capabilities of MyCap.

MyCap Overview Video – Watch this video to learn about the MyCap Mobile App and when to use it (~4 min).

MyCap Feature Grid – Check out this resource to learn which features are available for MyCap Classic versus MyCap (released September 2023).

Manuals, Quick Guides (QG), & Other Materials

In November 2022, the MyCap External Module (EM) was integrated into the REDCap core code (REDCap version 13.0). MyCap features and functionality are the same, but the user interface differs depending whether you are using the EM or REDCap to configure MyCap for your project.

To determine the version of REDCap available at your institution, look in the bottom right corner of any REDCap.


Configuring MyCap in REDCap

(Minimum REDCap v13.0+ Required)

Configuring the MyCap EM

Overview Materials MyCap Help
Migrating Projects from the EM into MyCap in REDCap Video (~20 Mins)
Directing Participants to the New MyCap App
MyCap Guide for End Users
MyCap Overview Video (~55 mins)
Starting Materials Getting Started QG
Getting Started QG- Longitudinal Projects
Using MyCap on Longitudinal Projects Video (~7 mins)
Getting Started QG (External Module)
Baseline Date Materials Using the Baseline Date QG Using the Baseline Date QG
(External Module)
MyCap Tasks & Scheduling Materials Scheduling Tasks QG- Traditional Projects
Scheduling Tasks QG- Longitudinal Projects
Configure Tasks and Schedules Video (~13 mins)
Scheduling Tasks in MyCap QG (External Module)
Customize Your Project Materials MyCap App Design QG
App Design Video (~6 mins)
How to Customize Your Project QG (External Module)
Management Materials Participant Management QG
Participant Management Video (~12 mins)
How Participants Join Projects QG (External Module)

Install MyCap for Android v7

MyCap v1.9.0 increased the minimum version of Android to 8.0. If you need to run MyCap on an older version of Android you will need to install MyCap v1.8.1.

  1. On your Android device, go to Settings
  2. Tap Security
  3. Under Device administration, toggle Unknown sources on
  4. Download the MyCap v1.8.1 Android APK