"MyCap has saved us countless man hours which would have been spent making weekly phone calls to subjects to document ILI symptoms. It allowed us to have more accurate detection of ILI symptoms so that we could bring participants in for illness visits to screen for influenza and to understand the mechanisms of immune escape from vaccination. Participants, including those in the older adult cohort ages 55 and older, found MyCap to be very user friendly and accessible."
Angela Branche MD
Director of the Infectious Disease Research Clinic & Co-Director of the Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Unit, University of Rochester
Since using MyCap we haven't missed a single sleep diary, the patients find it super easy to use, and the flexibility in scheduling some items relative to install, while having another schedule for weekly or nightly items relative to their lab assessments was great.
Elise McGlashan
Research Fellow, Monash University
In a clinical trial on medication adherence, 92.9% of participants said they would use MyCap daily to improve their medication adherence.
Study Manager, UCSF
The MyCap App connects and empowers the participants, laboratory, and research teams, and is intra-operable with REDCap, leveraging many great features such as electronic consenting and data management. It is the perfect catalyst and vehicle for team science.
Simon Mallal MD
Director of the Center for Translational immunology and Infectious Diseases, VUMC and Director of the Tennessee AIDS Research
We just set up MyCap for the first time this week. Very easy to do and experience.
Marcella Agguirre, MyCap Users at Fundacion Arturo Lopez Perez